28 APRIL 2019
5AM - 11AM



What is #ZeroWaste?

The ‘Zero Waste’ movement is one that challenges the conventional thinking about waste. It questions if an item or substance is necessarily worthless, defective and of no use after it serves its purpose, and hence, must be regarded as waste and discarded.

When we discard something as waste, it doesn’t simply “disappear” but goes to a landfill. In land-scarce Singapore, it is even more important to conserve our limited landfill space.

This is why in 2017, Income Eco Run introduced ‘Zero Waste Runner’ to its race categories to encourage waste minimisation and recycling as a collective movement in Singapore via the Run. As a ‘Zero Waste Runner’, one pledges to run towards zero waste in a bid for a greener planet by giving up race entitlements such as the 21.1km Half Marathon finisher tee and race medals.

Since then, the support for our cause has grown from strength to strength yearly. In 2018, participation as a ‘Zero Waste Runner’ increased by 15% compared to 2017.

For 2019, we will be introducing our first Zero Waste 5km run. All runners in this category will be ‘Zero Waste Runners’ and will receive a light and handy reusable cup in our bid to make hydration stations at this category 100% paper cup-free. ‘Zero Waste Runners’ for other categories - 10km and 21.1km Half Marathon - are also encouraged to use the reusable cup during the race to make a difference to the cause.

As we make annual improvements as we race towards zero waste, it is also our aim to heighten awareness and encourage green habits – reduce, reuse and recycle - amongst members of the public, especially our runners. Everyone can make a difference when you take proactive steps to live an eco-friendly lifestyle. And you can start your green journey and show your support towards creating a more sustainable future by joining us at our run!