Whether you are a beginner or a veteran on the #ZEROWASTE journey, you may be wondering, ‘What more can I do?’.

We have put together a list of #ZEROWASTE habits you can adopt and share with your friends and family. Remember, every little bit goes a long way if we all work together and adopt a #ZEROWASTE lifestyle!


  1. Freeze or refrigerate foods to help them last longer so you can use them at a later date.
  2. Make delicious vegetable stock using leftovers such as the tops, stalks and peels.
  3. Plan your meals for the week ahead so that you only buy the ingredients you need.
  4. Activate online food rescue groups to prevent throwing out leftovers.
  5. Use orange peels as an air freshener by placing them in the fridge to remove odours.
  6. Cater less food than the expected number of guests to avoid food waste, and if there are leftovers, see if your guests would like to take some home.
  1. Buy ‘ugly’ foods to prevent them from going to waste. They taste just as good as normal looking ones!
  2. You can use leftover fruits and vegetables for juices or as a baking ingredient, instead of throwing them out.
  3. Use crushed eggshells as fertilizer for your plants soil.
  4. Check for longer expiration dates before you purchase food items to reduce food being thrown out.
  5. Shop for groceries on a full stomach to prevent unwise food choices and overbuying.
  6. Take note of the expiry dates of the food in your pantry so that you can consume them before they expire to avoid having to throw them away.