29 APRIL 2018
5AM - 10AM


#RUNHOMESG is our way to encourage everyone to pick up running as an alternative mode of transport, while reducing your carbon footprint, in support of Income Eco Run’s quest towards Zero Waste.

We need your help to clock 10,000km by 27 April 2018, which is equivalent to 486 litres of fuel and can power-up a 4-room flat for up to 3 months.


1. Join our #RUNHOMESG Facebook Group to be part of this movement and for the latest updates.

2. Plan your running route using any app that tracks distance and familiarise yourself with the route. Here are some distance tracking apps you can use:


3. Start your #RUNHOMESG!


Run with your preferred activity tracker on

Screenshot your activity. Compulsory data: Date, distance & time taken

Post the screen shot on our #RUNHOMESG Facebook Group with date, distance & time taken


4. Help us to reach our goal of 10,000km!


We’re rewarding 10 lucky runners monthly, from January 2018 to March 2018, who post their #RUNHOMESG routes on our #RUNHOMESG Facebook Group.

Join the #RUNHOMESG Facebook Group to participate in the #RUNHOMESG contest.
Stand to win these prizes.

January 2018
New Balance shoe bag

February 2018
BOW Nock Pouch

March 2018
New Balance drawstring bag

Terms & Conditions

1. The #RUNHOMESG contest runs from 16 January 2018 0001hrs to 31 March 2018 2359hrs. 2. 10 Prizes will be given out each month from January to March 2018. 3. Runners must be Facebook members and join the #RUNHOMESG Facebook group to participate in the #RUNHOMESG contest. 4. Runners must post screenshots of the activity tracker after each run on #RUNHOMESG Facebook group to stand a chance to win a prize. 5. Runners must post screenshots of their preferred activity tracker showing (1) Date and time of run and (2) Distance of completed run in order to qualify for a chance to win a prize. 6. Winners will be announced on #RUNHOMESG Facebook Group within 1 week of the end of each month. 7. Runners may stop and run at their own time and pace. 8. Each runner may only post up to 2 runs each day on the #RUNHOMESG Facebook Group. 9. Each post will entitle you to a chance to qualify for the #RUNHOMESG contest. 10. Runners participating in the #RUNHOMESG movement are doing so at their own risk and understanding of their existing fitness levels. 11. For more information on Sports Safety, please refer to this.