28 APRIL 2019
5AM - 11AM


Run commute was a taboo term when I first mentioned it to my colleagues 3 years ago. They could not understand why I needed to run home when public transport was the more comfortable and convenient option (think air conditioning and cushioned seats). However, run commuting is now gaining popularity, especially within the heart of the CBD where runners are sighted daily running along the perimeter of The Promontory @ Marina Bay and Gardens by the Bay.

Tempted by the idea of doing a run commute home but worried about the logistics of preparing for it? Worry not, here are my top 3 must-haves for a pleasant run commute experience.

1. Backpack: Select a light running backpack that has sufficient storage space for your belongings to bring home. In my case, my work shoes, office attire and my wallet/phone/keys. The backpack (in the photo) is a great option as it is stretchable enough to fit all my belongings. It even has a chest and waist strap to secure the bag snugly to on my body. Expandable phone pockets on the shoulder straps proved to be a bonus.

2. Apparel/Shoes: I prefer light and breathable apparel for my runs. I select apparel with reflective strips for safety purposes if I do extend my runs after the sun sets. A nice pair of bright coloured socks could also do the trick. Some of my favourite footwear for run commuting include the Nike Epic React and Asics’ Dynaflyte 2. They are light and well cushioned enough to enjoy the run along the bay and streets back home.

3. Ziplock Bags: To keep my personal items dry in case of an unexpected downpour, I prepare some ziplock bags to store my work shoes, clothes and important items such as my wallet and phone.

And there you have it! Run commuting home doesn’t seem such a hassle now does it? And it’s even more fun with your friends!

Come join our community of like-minded runners at our #RunRideHomeSG Facebook group! Track your running routes and post them up on our group’s FB wall for a chance to win exciting prizes!

Happy #RunRideHomeSG!

Melvin Wong,
Former national runner, 2015 SEA Games 5,000m & 10,000 representative