29 APRIL 2018
5AM - 10AM


Why taking the Shuttle Bus is Eco-friendly

In our daily commute, we spend a few hours on public transport or personal vehicles without really thinking about the carbon footprints that we leave behind. Taking a shuttle bus may not be the first thing that crosses our minds when it comes to green transportation, but here's why it should be.

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Going Green Starts Young: 6 Environmentally-Friendly Actions for Kids

t's never too early to teach your children about the importance of caring for the environment.

Here are 6 easy steps that kids can easily follow to help them go green too. Children learn from the actions of people around them, so when it comes to environmental conservation, it's important that you, as their role model, show them through your actions why it is important to be environmentally-friendly, and how to go green even from a young age.

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Earth Matters: 3 Easy Ways to Achieve Zero-Waste

Being environmentally-friendly can be effortless with a few simple habits.

In an age of climate change and high consumption patterns across the globe, the environment is experiencing unprecedented pressure. While Singaporeans are becoming more eco-conscious than ever before, saving the environment is a team effort that starts with each individual. Here, we recommend easy waste-reduction strategies that encompass the good old mantra of "Reduce, Reuse and Recycle" that not only help reduce costs but can be applied by anyone.

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