30 APRIL 2017
5AM - 11AM


Here are some snippets from Dr. Mok Ying Ren’s interview on ONE FM 91.3. He has represented Singapore a couple of times during the SEA Games and once in the Commonwealth Games while being injured! He drops some of his runner’s wisdom that we can learn something from.

How do you become a good runner?

MYR: To me, it’s a lot of patience and consistency. I’ve been active for the last 20 years and really concentrating on running for the last 10 years. That is what contributed a lot to my ability to run

Why do you like running the most?

MYR: It’s the most time-efficient sport. You can run anytime, anywhere and a 30-minute run will always be a 30-minute run. There is no need to travel to the pool and stuff like that.

Is there a difference between running on the treadmill and running on the road?

MYR: Yes! Running on the treadmill has no wind resistance. The idea that the treadmill pulls your legs back so that helps. To replicate outdoor running on a treadmill, you actually have to increase the elevation to simulate the effort.

How do you train?

MYR: For now, I try to run everyday. But you don’t have to run everyday for the Income Eco Run. You can find more training tips here formulated here with The Running Department a free-for-all running group, which will also be helping with the training programme.

Some people are not aware that runs can start quite early in the morning. What time should you start prepping on race day? What should I eat on the morning of the run?

MYR: I usually wake up 2-3 hours before the run. Breakfast-wise, it can be very variable for different people. You should eat what you’re comfortable with and are used to eating while training to avoid tummy upsets.

With less than 2 months to go before Income Eco Run, be sure to follow Income Eco Run's Official Strava Club! Share your training workouts with me and the team. Have fun following the training programme and always train safe!